D&H Literacy Center

D & H Literacy Center is a Not-for-Profit organization that provides reading, mathematics,  computer competency, parenting, anger management and domestic violence classes.

Our program is located in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.  According to the 2010 Census report the average income of the residents is $27,000.00. 32.3% of the residents live below the poverty level, and 34.7% are unemployed.  The crime rate ranks 6 among Chicago’s 77 communities.  19.5% of households are headed by single mothers.  The literacy rate is 40% without a high school diploma and only 5% of students in grades 2-8 meet grades level proficiency standards.  The dropout rate is 29% for students living in extreme proverty.

The literacy center will provide learners with basic academic skill building and training to help close the gap in state and national proficiency standards, improve worker traits which can lead to employment, and position eligible program for participants to receive a General Education Equivalency certificate.

The literacy center will also engage leaders in mentoring activities that will encourage self-esteem, and confidence.  We will explore the needs and initiate goal setting for all learners.  We will provide parents with skills to communicate, nurture, and reinforce learning at home.  We will establish a strong network of support with local schools, social agencies, and churches.

Board members will be encouraged to volunteer time mentoring, tutoring, and planning fundraising activities.  Staffing will consist of volunteers and work study students.